Meet Your New Student Body Presidents


Samantha Palombo and Julia Goldberg

What inspired you both to run for President?

Ga-In: For me, I think because I did a lot of stuff on the equity team and Asian Affinity I felt like it was an opportunity I could take to implement that into student government more. Sam and I align in a lot of areas. We have a lot of the same values.

Sam: It felt very important to have a diverse background, so that everyone feels represented in some way.

What is one of your best qualities that makes you a good president?

Sam: I used to be a very timid freshman who wouldn’t want to participate in spirit week because I would feel embarrassed about coming to school in PJs. Coming from a place of social anxiety, I feel like I’ve grown as a person and now have more of a sense of leadership.

Ga-In: I’m pretty proactive. I have done a lot in the school community already and I’m used to working with people who others may find intimidating so I feel like I can get things done.

What are your hopes for the Baruch community?

Sam: Increasing school spirit. We also want more school representation.

What is the first idea that you want to implement this year?

Ga-In: We’re thinking of doing a school trip. Maybe something seasonal like a ski trip.

What is your favorite subject?

Sam: I really like AP Lit. The deep thinking and philosophical topics really interest me.

Ga-In: I like Comp Gov the best because you get to learn about different countries that are not part of the curriculum in other history classes.

And your go-to lunch spot?

Ga-In: I think the options at Whole Foods are pretty good. I like to go to the Baruch College plaza and sit there.

Sam: I get school lunch every day. I like to take it outside, and usually follow around my friends where they go. I think the school lunch gets a bad rep; it’s healthy and it’s free!

What is your favorite thing about Baruch?

Sam: I came from a pretty big middle school, so I can really appreciate a smaller, close-knit community where you know everyone by name. Everyone is not afraid to show a piece of themselves, even if they’re shy or anxious. People have this sense of openness.

What is one piece of advice you would give to underclassmen?

Sam: Be social. If you hear your classmates saying, “Hey, we’re going out to eat lunch at this place, do you want to come?” take up an opportunity to make new friends.

Ga-In: Join clubs! Honestly, that’s the best way to meet people. It’s also easy to be a leader in a club, and that helps with your future and figuring out who you want to be.