Successful Adults Take on Rising College Students

Getting ready to graduate high school and enter a world of independence can feel overwhelming for some. With so much pressure on performing well, it can be challenging to choose whether to continue into college or look for a job immediately after graduation. Most high schoolers could use some advice from those with experience; however, many of us are too scared to ask

“Do what you love and your life will be wonderful,” said Marie C, an operations employee at a startup called Bonsai.

We’re often told that it is best to do what you love – especially when finding a college program or a job. This advice seems simple, but many find it hard to implement. Becoming educated in the subject you’re passionate about can be daunting.

Mike Arluck, a corporate lawyer, explained his experience with the college process and what lessons are genuinely vital to life beyond the classroom. In high school, he was “Studious, outgoing,” and overall a well-respected student that worked hard for what he wanted. Arluck mentions his struggles with applying and paying for college “I think college tuition has gone up a lot as it continues to outpace every aspect of the economy.”

Arluck also has gained an understanding of the importance of demonstrating hard work in class even if you “don’t really use the things you learn in math past algebra.”

“If you can afford it I’d go for as much education as you can get… We got our two sons into university to get them a better chance in life and they do have better jobs than we could ever have” said Paul Woodcock an elderly man from England who had a lot to share about the different education system in his country as well as a good amount of advice found from experience.

Woodcock explained the importance of education and, more specifically, the process of getting that education.

“Oh what subject you’re gonna go in’ yeah just pick a subject but it’s the process, going up the stages”

He said that workplaces don’t necessarily want your degree, rather they are looking for the skills that you may have obtained on your way to getting that degree. If the workplace thinks you have the skills necessary to perform they’ll take you in and train you themselves.

Overall, as students grow up there is a lot to consider. As we move up in the education system, we have learned that while we need to be studious, it is also important to stop and enjoy life while you can. While this article has compiled different types of advice from different people, it’s always important to remember that not everything works for everyone and to stick to your dreams no matter what life throws your way.