Cheap Eats Around Baruch: Brought to You by Two Stingy Students

There is no denying that, although one of the most exciting cities, New York is also one of the most expensive. It’s easy to load up on add-ons at Sweetgreen and end up with a $26 salad. It’s even easier to crack under the pressure of the ever-judgy cashiers, sacrifice your dignity, and fork over a small fortune for some glorified kale.  Here is your guide, curated by two frugal seniors, to eating around the Baruch neighborhood without breaking the bank… 


Julia Goldberg and Samantha Palombo




You may no longer be a child, but Chipotle’s kids meal is the new go-to for those who are still young at heart. Don’t be scared to step in line and ask for a build-your-own tray: when you’re getting a good deal, nothing is embarrassing enough to pass up.

Here’s how it works: when selecting the kid’s meal, you can either decide between a small cheese quesadilla or two tacos of your choice (soft or hard shell). You then get to fill up the rest of the tray with any three sides of your choice – my kid’s meal often includes chicken, corn, and cheese. (If you’re feeling bold, you may choose meat AND guac, but keep in mind that it WILL cost extra). As you approach the cashier, they will begrudgingly ask if you would like the kids-size chips bag and fountain soda cup that your meal comes with. And of course, after answering yes, the total comes down to a whopping $6.57! Finding this great of a value is hard to come by, so it’s best that you take advantage of it.


  1. CAVA 

Commonly referred to as “the mediterranean chipotle,” I can assure you this establishment has a lunch deal just as satisfying. As soon as you get to the front of the typically lengthy line and ask for a kids meal, one of the workers will pull out (yet another) lavish cardboard tray. With this meal comes a pita, your choice of rice, one meat/vegetarian option, one dip, two toppings, and a sauce. I like to get the saffron rice, grilled chicken, crazy feta dip, cucumbers and tomatoes, and yogurt dill sauce. At the cashier’s desk, after paying the $7.55, you must ask for the pita chips and cup that come with your meal. This is a crucial step as usually the worker will not bother to get this for you. However, don’t be hesitant to ask, because it all comes with the kids meal. Enjoy!



Across from the lovely building that is Baruch stands a cart, unlike any other. New York is home to many mobile restaurants serving the typical halal cuisine, candied nuts, and massive pretzels. And, though staples of the New York experience, Mike’s cart is unlike the rest. Yes, inflation has crept up, forcing his grilled cheese to raise 50 cents, but Mike serves up relatively cheap eats. A $3.50 grilled cheese (my personal favorite), numerous breakfast staples – a classic New York Bacon Egg and Cheese (or BEC as accurate new yorkers would call it), and pastries (though at times a bit soggy – owing to solely small space and NOT to Mike himself). All of these options are just as satisfying as your local deli.