Can The Baruch Blue Devils Repeat as Baseball Champions?


Maximus McElroy, Head of Sports

The Baruch Blue Devils are a baseball team with a lot to prove this season. After winning the championship last year, they are facing the challenge of replacing many of their star players and adapting to the higher level of competition. Senior captains Matt Antino, Dom Stern, Maximus McElroy, and Michael Novick, have to step up and lead the team the way the former captains did last year. 


After dominating in their impressive 2022 campaign, it was clear that the team needed to be moved up to a higher division. The rotation of Maximus McElroy, Justin Virsami, and Matt Antino, backed by Carlos Castillo, posted a stellar 0 earned runs the whole playoff run. 


Another one of the keys to their success last season was their teamwork and chemistry on the field. The players were able to trust and rely on each other, which allowed them to play at a higher level. The team is focused on rebuilding that chemistry this season, even with many new faces on the roster. Matt Antino, who is heavy on maintaining team chemistry, said “the first few weeks here were definitely some growing pains with the new roster. As time goes on I think we will continue to get closer through practices and games and can recreate a bond as strong as the team did last year. We have to take it one game at a time and be there to support each other through success, but most importantly failure.” 


This season, Coach Catherine Gallant stepped down as head coach, retiring with an undefeated 30-0 record. Taking her place, Coach Haley Hunter, a teacher at Baruch, looks to continue Gallant’s legacy. In addition, assistant coach Jake Latif Ourvan is thriving at Baruch College playing outfield for the team and batting over .300!


Although the team is excited to be competing in the double A division this season, the higher level of competition means that the Blue Devils will need to be even more focused and disciplined than last year. They will also need to stay on top of their game in terms of conditioning and preparation. Head coach John Jacobs commented, “baseball is not just a physical battle, like war, it’s also mental. In order to stay on top it’s important to be mentally prepared for any challenges thrown your way. Dominic Stern knows how important this is and has even taken some mental health days in order to stay on top of his game.”


Undoubtedly one thing that hasn’t changed this season is the maintaining of classic Baruch traditions, highlighted by Jackson Levitz’s famous “Red Kingdom.” Before every game, the team makes sure to mosh and celebrate the team spirit of Big Red. Jackson has no comment on this, but it is apparent that he loves embracing his role on the team. 


Superfan Eric Wallach Rossito, who has been following the team since 2019, is still high off the championship from last season where he snagged tickets right behind home plate. Eric exclaimed, “I’m really excited about the team! I gotta go out and support my Italian brother Matty. Please bring home a ring for me.”


In the end, the Baruch Blue Devils know that they have a tough road ahead of them – but they are ready to face the challenge head-on and give it their all. They have the talent, experience, and determination to repeat as champions this season, and they are not afraid to work hard for it.