Fun Activities to Keep you Busy during the Quarantine!


Isabella Risoli, Design and Staff Writer

As the school year starts to come to a close, we will all have some more time on our hands. I know that staying inside can be hard and daunting at times. However, it is essential to know that by staying indoors, you are doing your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19! To help out our Baruch Community, on behalf of the Media Team, we wanted to put together a few resources and ideas that can be indoor activities! 

First, I would like to start with some arts and craft activities that are some of my personal favorites!  

Create A Collage

All you need is a few old magazines that are lying around the house, some glue and scissors! You can create images out of the clippings that you find in the magazines. For example, you could create a portrait of a celebrity, the skyline of New York City, and much more!



Over the past few months, tie-dye has become a trendy clothing look. Instead of buying a shirt that has already been tie-dyed for you, why don’t you have some fun and create one yourself!? Also, who hasn’t loved tie-dying, it was all the rage back in our elementary school days. 

Bullet Journal/Scrapbooking 

During this time at home, it is also a great time to do a little bit of self-reflection. Bullet Journals can be fun and great organizational tools to track your mood, ideas, and thoughts creatively. Furthermore, scrapbooking will allow you to collect your favorite memories and reflect past moments to look forward to what life will hold after the quarantine! It could also bring a smile to your face- you’ll be reminded of the people that you share special moments with. 

Paint By Numbers

Do you love to color? Well, I have a new challenge for you! Paint by numbers is just like coloring, but you match a name with a color of paint and paint that particular area with that specific color! This activity also not require a lot of artistic ability and provides you with a completed painting by the end of the process! You can quickly get this off of Amazon! 

Now that we have a few artistic options, I would like to provide some health and wellness activities since many of our daily routines have changed, and it is still essential to take care of ourselves. One thing is Meditation. Meditation can seem like a challenging task, but it can also be an easy way to relieve stress and anxiety. Some useful apps are Calm, Balance, Headspace, and Insight timer. There are also many helpful youtube videos. Another activity that can help put you in a better mood is creating and listening to your playlist. Listening to music can be very relaxing! Each day you can look up an inspirational quote or write yourself/friend a kind message. Selfcare is also vital, and everyone in while you should do something for yourself like a face mask or have a spa day!

Although we can’t see all of our friends, there are many ways to connect with them online. You can have a Netflix Party, start a book club, or even have a zoom party where you can see what everyone has been up to. I find that the Netflix Parties and Book clubs are a great way to connect with friends because you can have discussions and still spend time together. You can also spend more time with your family playing board games or baking a special dessert together! Speaking of dessert, you can find some recipes at the end of this article!