How Technology Has Defined a Generation


Penelope Park, Staff Writer

Generation Z was the first generation to grow up with access to iPhones. The first group of children given an iPad when bored, and the first group of tweens and teens with easy access to social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. Now, one may question the significance of these advancements in technology, but as a teenager and member of Gen-Z, I can say that it has been one of the single most defining and impactful resources that my generation has. 

My peers and I have grown up with a constant connection to both the world and our peers, which former generations have never had access to. Because of this easy access to the world, the younger people of Gen-Z have been known as both the most aware and active Generation in fighting injustice. 

For instance, with the more recent spark of the Black Lives Matter movement, we see an entire wave of Gen-Z’ers spreading the need for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the many other Black American victims of racial injustice in our society. We saw our Instagram page stories flooded with news about the latest protests we could attend and the best ways to spread awareness about the topic. 

Another example of Gen-Z’s activism through technology is by looking at the most recent presidential election. Although most of us are still unable to vote, that did not stop us from encouraging those who can to vote for the right candidate. Through technology, teens were and have been able to voice their opinions for all to hear, to make the world a better place. 

Though technology has revolutionized Gen-Z by making activism and protest against injustice easier, it also puts a certain pressure on my generation to perform. Because technology gives us the ability to voice any opinion and spread any kind of information, we are given pretty much access to all of the world’s problems with the touch of a finger. And although spreading awareness is good, it can be hard to know and fight for the world’s wrongs when you are growing up. 

This constant connection to everything around us can be overwhelming, and it can make some feel guilty when they do not feel like responding. There is a certain burden that others may feel to save the world because they are aware of all of its problems. I think that Gen-Z feels the weight of the world’s problems other generations have created for us like no other. Although it is an honor that we can combat these injustices, it feels that there is an obligation that may go with it. There is the notion that if we are not in the right mindset and are not able to publicly respond through social media, then we do not care, which is false. We have never been given the chance not to care. And though this is not exactly a bad thing, it can be challenging for those to combat injustice when they are also dealing with the stressors of being a teenager. 

Technology has transformed Gen-Z into a new age of activists. We have been defined by advances in social media and easy access to being always connected. But it is also imperative to remember that Gen-Z is still full of growing individuals who need to figure out their own lives, despite their desire to fight for injustice in our society.